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The Tracto-Lock system

Tracto-Lock is a universal, semi-automatic hitching system for all 3-point attachments.
It can be used to hitch the implement to the tractor but also allows for power take-off (soon to include hydraulic, electrical and Isobus connection) without having to modify either the implement or the tractor and no need to to get down from the vehicle.


So as to be able to to hitch all types of 3-point attachments coming in different dimensions, a special interface had to be created. Part of this adapts easily to any implement without the need for the latter to be modified in any way. The other side is hitched to the rear of the tractor just like any conventional implement.
The system is based on cones interlocking in cleverly designed recesses located respectively on the lower part of the tractor chassis Tracto-Lock and the implement Tracto-Lock.
All you then have to do is reverse the tractor to square up to the implement (no great accuracy being required) and then raise the linkage arms to recess the tractor Tracto-Lock cone receivers in the implement Tracto-Lock cones. This will create a hinge mechanism and all you then need to do is tilt the assembly using the 3rd point actuator and work its locking mechanism.

The principle involves reproducing the transmission shaft in how it operates and its movements.
The jaws of the cardan shafts are also perfectly aligned so as to avoid any breakage and also ensure there is no unbalance in rotation. This transmission system means you can hitch implements requiring long transmission shafts but above all short transmission shafts.
To operate, the system just requires a 12V or 24V power supply as well as a hydraulic infeed and outfeed.

Remote control
The whole unit is controlled from the tractor’s driving seat through a wired remote control with just 3 buttons and light and audible signals.
This remote control means you can perform hitching operations correctly and receive a warning if there is any handling problem.

We are currently working to :
• roll out the system for other categories
of tractors,
• develop a hydraulic, electrical
and Isobus multicoupler,
• improve semi-mounted implement systems.

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• No prior modification required to the implement or the tractor.

• Adapts readily to all 3-point attachments.

• Works with both short and long transmission.
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